Neighbourhood Access Pass: What do you think?

The Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club (WCCSC) is busy with the winter season skiingthat is upon us. They have had a long standing agreement with the City of Whitehorse, which outlines the exclusive use of the ski club trails during the winter season. For those who are members of the ski club you will be familiar with the activities, programs, services and fees. For those who have not used the facility and trails, here is a link to the WCCSC website:

What’s New?
There are more and more users of the greenspaces within the City during the winter snowshoeseason and this includes people with snow bikes and snowshoes. Also, as the City upgrades trails and people try them out in the summer, they may also venture into these areas in the winter. How does this affect the integrity of the ski trail network in the winter season?

The Contagious Mountain Bike Club have sat down with the ski club last Fall and bikersnegotiated an understanding agreement for the City trails that they would use that are within the boundaries of the ski club network. This is their second year of an agreement.

The Ski Club has adopted a Neighbourhood Access Pass for Above the Airport Users who may want to cross the ski trails as they travel on other City trails. Here is the wording from the WCCSC website. It is under the Fees tab: Neighbourhood Pass – Update Nov 7

There are changes being made to the concept of a trail pass for access to the single track trails at Mt Mac, mainly at the south end of Copper Trail.  A revised MOU between the City of Whitehorse and WCCSC will be available soon. 

The trail access in question generally affects residents living in Copper Ridge, Logan, Arkell, Ingram, Hillcrest, Valleyview, Granger and McIntyre (known as ATA or Above the Airport) Neighbourhoods.  The MOU will provide access for ATA residents who plan to use the new Copper Ridge Connector and Porcupine Ridge trails beyond the point where they cross Copper Trail south of Harvey’s Hut and Dog/Sundog Trail near the Kwanlin Koyotes trail system.  For specific information about trail access please call the ski club office at 668-4477. There will be access for snowshoeing, walking and snowbiking as specified in the MOU between WCCSC and City of Whitehorse.

ATA residents who want to access the ski trails in order to ski, must have a valid day pass or season pass. ATA residents who do not intend to cross over groomed ski trails are not affected.

Check out the categories and options above and below.  If you ski on a regular basis, you should consider buying a season pass. Make sure you check out the benefits a membership will entitle you to.

What do you think of this Neighbourhood Access Pass (NAP)?
At the October 24th HCA Board meeting, the pass was brought forward by one of our winter_running1members. It was also discussed at the November AGM. The concern was the principle of paying a “toll” to cross the ski trails while using City trails. Since that time, there has been some discussion between HCA Board members, WCCSC, and City Parks and Rec.

  • At this point, the exact numbers of people who would be in these areas that cross the ski trails during the winter is unknown.
  • There is talk that there will be signage that goes up this season to help educate people about the ski trails in the area and potential crossing areas and what might be required.
  • At the printing of this post, the NAP is still listed on the WCCSC website but no specific fee is mentioned. This may mean a “pass” but no fee.

Here is a map that highlights some of the connector/trail points in the ski trail area. One note that came into us from the City –> Snowshoers who have a day pass or are ski club members have unlimited access to all City trails (as well as ski trails).
Trails in WCCSC area

What do you think?
If you have comments, concerns or suggestions related to this NAP, please send a note to Kat at The HCA Board would like to get a sense of the WinterDogWalkersimportance of this issue for Hillcrest residents.

If you do use the trails in the ski club area this winter for snow biking, walking, snowshoeing, or any other non-motorized activity, let us know of your experiences.

If you have specific questions about the ski trails, please contact WCCSC directly at: 668-4477.

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