City and HCA remain committed to infrastructure improvements in Hillcrest

The HCA sent a letter to the City of Whitehorse to inquire about the city’s future plans for infrastructure work in Hillcrest, given that there is money for the project in the 2018-2021 capital budget. That letter can be read by clicking the link below.

Letter to CoW re Capital Budget 2018 02 13

The City’s response (found at the link below) indicates that they intend to hold a second vote, following a consultation with residents about the nature of the improvement and the proposed charges that would accompany them.

Letter from the City of Whitehorse to HCA RE: Hillcrest LIC Update.

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Tank Farm Remediation Authorization Renewal

Tank Farm

The proponents of the Upper Tank Farm remediation project have asked Environment Yukon to renew their authorizations, which are set to expire on December 31, 2017.  Environment Yukon may renew the authorizations without a new assessment if they determine there has been no significant change to the original plan.

Environment Yukon has made a preliminary determination that the proposed activities have not significantly changed since the last assessment.  Before making its final determination, Environment Yukon is soliciting input and has contacted the HCA.

We have until November 24th to provide any comments on the question of whether there is a significant change to the original activities carried out.

Please share your views, concerns and opinions with us to the as soon as possible.

Relevant documents are found below:

Ministerial Authorization Amendment

YESAB Decision Document

Land Treatment Facility Permit

Air Emissions Permit

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2016/2017 AGM President’s Report

It has been a pleasure serving our community as President of the Hillcrest Community
Association. After a very busy year, I wish to thank my fellow board members for all
their hard work and thoughtful consideration of the many issues impacting our
neighbourhood: Jim Gilpin, Lorraine Hoyt, Frederik Robert, Sandy Cameron, Laura
Beattie, Amanda Janssens, Paul Inglis and Dan Bader.

Local Improvement Project
After years of design work and consultation with the community, the City of Whitehorse
put the local improvement charge to a vote in May 2017. A total of 94 property owners
voted against the charge, while 33 property owners voted in favour of the charge.
Following the vote, the City stated they would be examining the issues that led to the
defeat of the proposed local improvement charge. The HCA believes that our shared
infrastructure is a priority and needs a long-term solution. It has proposed to the City
that there be a facilitated community meeting to explore the reasons why owners voted
the way they did, and explore ideas for moving forward. The City has not responded.
We will keep trying!

Tank Farm
The proponents of the Upper Tank Farm remediation project have asked Environment
Yukon to renew their authorizations, which are set to expire on December 31, 2017.
Environment Yukon’s preliminary determination is the proposed activities have not
significantly changed and no new assessment is required before granting their reauthorizations.
Before making its final determination, Environment Yukon is soliciting
input and has contacted the HCA. We have until November 24th to provide any
comments on the question of whether there is a significant change to the original
activities carried out that would require a new assessment. Please share your views,
concerns and opinions with us to the as soon as possible.

North 60 Petro Ltd.
In September 2017, North 60 Petro Ltd. purchased the lot between Roundel and
Hillcrest beside the highway. The HCA contacted the General Manager, Mark Therens,
of North 60 to inquire as to their plans with the lot. Mr. Therens responded that North
60 is considering several retail options for the lot, but will not make a decision until late
November. He provided assurances there will be no bulk fuel operation on the lot.

YESAB Application by Kwanlin Dün First Nation
Kwanlin Dün First Nation has made a YESAB application for its plans to clear land and
build a cardlock refuelling station and operations building on its parcel of Settlement
Land south of Hillcrest (Lot 1252). The HCA encouraged residents to share their views
with YESAB before the public comment period closed on November 14, 2017.

Safe Highway Crossing
A priority for the HCA this year has been to advocate for a safe highway crossing for
motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. In August, we met with Deputy Premier Ranj Pillai
and officials from the department of Highways and Public Works. Then, in late
September, we met with Ministers Richard Mostyn and Jeanie Dendys. While Yukon
Government recognizes the highway by Hillcrest is in need of safety upgrades, we were
told this is not a top priority. Yukon Government is currently reviewing the entire
stretch of highway from the North to South Klondike highways, and intends to consult
with Hillcrest in the future. We look forward to engaging in this consultation and
sharing our vision for a safe highway.

Crime in Our Neighbourhood
There appears to be an increase in the amount of crime in our neighbourhood. In
particular, there have been numerous reports of car break-ins, and even car theft. We
ask that residents continue to report to the RCMP every time a crime has been
committed because the more we report, the more RCMP will patrol our neighbourhood.
There have been suggestions concerning additional lights, security cameras and
community patrols. Send your ideas and comments to

Wood Chip Trails
We owe thanks to Tony Carson and his volunteers for their hard work in collecting and
spreading more wood chips on our trails. We received positive feedback from residents
that wood chips are making the trails safer and drier. Thank you Tony!

Rink Appreciation Day
In March, the HCA hosted a Rink Appreciation Day. Dozens of residents of all ages came
out to the rink for hot dogs, hot chocolate and a game of hockey. There was even a wall
tent with wood stove for warming up! A big thank you to our neighbours who dutifully
shovelled the rink all winter, and to Buster Clare for giving us the city’s best rink surface.

Tony Fekete Volunteer Award
The Rink Appreciation Day provided an excellent opportunity to award the Tony Fekete
Volunteer Award to Buster Clare for his dedication and hard work with his own
“Zamboni” on our Hillcrest Rink. Hazel Fekete presented Buster with the award and
thanked him for his contribution to the neighbourhood. Please send us your
nominations for the recipient of the Tony Fekete Volunteer Award in 2018!

Spring Cleanup
The HCA organized the annual neighbourhood clean-up in May 2017. We were a little
short on volunteers this year, so we need some creative thinking to get more
neighbours involved in clean-up next year.

Summer Block Party
Before residents scattered for summer holidays, the HCA hosted a BBQ for the
community in June 2017. Despite threatening rainstorms on the horizon, we had a
huge turnout for the event. Thank you to Amanda Janssens for organizing a delicious
BBQ for the whole neighbourhood, and thank you to Deb Higgins, Pete Sandiford and
Heather Swystun for getting a highly competitive game of baseball going. We hope to
make this an annual event.

In response to concerns regarding elevated levels of radon in some Hillcrest homes, the
HCA shared information regarding detection and remediation of radon in homes. Thank
you to Jim Gilpin for sharing your expertise in this area.

GST Rebate
As a result of the HCA’s role in the construction of the Airport Trail, we received a GST
rebate in the amount of roughly $12,000. In 2018, the HCA would like consult with the
neighbourhood regarding how this money should be spent. There are sure to be some
great ideas out there.

Looking Forward
Our year ahead will be full of new opportunities for our community. On the horizon are
issues related to the Tank Farm, infrastructure renewal, highway upgrades,
neighbourhood crime and new commercial or industrial developments. We are always
seeking new board members who would like to contribute to our community and help
us forge the path ahead. Come join our team!
Shaunagh Stikeman
November 13, 2017

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Hillcrest Community Association is coming up!

The HCA is hosting their annual general meeting on November 15th at 7PM.

Come out to the Yukon Transportation Museum to meet your neighbours and participate in some community discussions.

New Whitehorse RCMP Detachment Commander Keith MacKinnon will give a brief presentation on community safety and field questions.

The HCA has invited Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis and city councillors, Mountainview MLA Jeanie Dendys and Minister of Highways and Public Works Richard Mosytn to attend and speak to the community if they wish.

Light snacks and tea/coffee will be provided.

The AGM is a great opportunity to renew your HCA membership, you can find the form here

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HCA Letter to North of 60 Petro RE: Hillcrest Drive development

Mark Therens
General Manager
North 60 Petro Ltd.
146 Industrial Rd
Whitehorse, Yukon

November 1, 2017

Dear Mr. Therens,

Re: North 60 Petro Ltd.’s Plans for Lot Adjacent to Hillcrest

Following our telephone conversation on October 19th, I conveyed to Hillcrest
residents that North 60 Petro Ltd is currently considering several retail options for
the lot it recently purchased between Roundel Road and Hillcrest Drive. Further,
your company is not considering a bulk fuel station for this location. In response,
Hillcrest residents ask that the design of your facility on this lot prioritize smooth traffic management and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

We look forward to discussing your plans for this lot as they develop.

Kind regards,

Shaunagh Stikeman
President, Hillcrest Community Association

cc. MLA Jeanie Dendys,
Mayor and Council,

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Radon in Hillcrest

Many Hillcrest residents have raised concerns about potentially elevated levels of radon in our homes. Jim Gilpin, on behalf of the Hillcrest Community Association, has prepared this summary of the dangers of radon, and steps we can take to mitigate the risk.

Read more here: Radon Report – October 2017

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YESAB seeking submissions for development near Hillcrest

Dear Hillcrest,
YESAB is seeking comments from the public by November 14th regarding a proposal to develop lands for a card lock fuel station, operations building and access road off the Alaska Highway.  The project summary is as follows:
The Proponent is applying to clear a 3.2 ha portion of Lot KDFN C-56B (Lot 1252) to build a cardlock fuel station, operations building, and parking lot and to prepare for future commercial development on the lot. The Project also includes an access road off the Alaska Highway at KM 1423. The project site is located directly across the Alaska Highway from the Beringia Interpretive Center and the Erik Nielson Whitehorse International Airport approximately 2 km from Whitehorse. The Project falls within the Traditional Territories of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council. Nearby Settlement Lands include Lots TKC C-80FS, TKC C-20B, and KDFN C-153B.
For more information, please check the YESAB online registry at and search for Project Number 2017-0157.
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